Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly update

Word got around to delta, and we're back in contact.
Thank you all very much!

As for the translation update and tidbit I'm working on the largest "chunk" of file that I've come across until now. After this there seems to be one chunk that's even larger and a few of around the same size, not to mention the smaller files which constitute the majority of the script.

The scene involves the whole gang going into an overnight stay at Issei's temple for cultural festival preparations.
A whole scene ensues around the temple's tatami mats which are new and praised by the group. And another encounter between Rider and Ayako happens, which is always ludicrous.
*****SPOILER END*****

I don't know how many hours Kagetsu Tohya took me to translate, but I remember working on it fairly constantly. I'm going to try to set up a regimen where I devote a specified amount of time each day or possibly week to translating. I hope to get the translation out as quickly as possible to the readers, but there is also school which takes up a signifcant part of my time. I'll try my best to keep a constant and adequate progress.

I still haven't really thought about what to write in these updates, and I'm more than welcome to suggestions.


  1. It's always great to see your commitment to this project. May I suggest a weekly update involving approx. percents such as: 15% done, or something :)

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  3. I think it's fine to keep up writing the same things as in this small entry.

    Description of what's getting done, what's not, et cetera.

    Contrary to the above, I dislike percentage statuses as they in and of themselves give no clear indication to the proximity of release (see: UBW) and it's the description of work that really offers insight.

    Of course, it's fine to have percentages too, if that's easier for you.

  4. whatever you post, I will be very grateful. It's people like you who put in unconditional effort in helping others make internet worthwhile.

    thanks again and good luck!

  5. hi Amukunau,

    as a huge F/SN fan i too really appreciate you translating F/HA.

    thanks for your efforts - i'm looking forward to reading your blog entries :)

  6. As long as you show up here we know you are alive and well, witch is very good news ^^

    Just tell us what you think you can, if you're working on a long scene, or are done with a small one, anything.

    Just to read that you're still working in this project is enough for me =D

  7. As they said previously its nice to get an update every now and then, could be anything, just to see that things are alive. :)

    Appreciate the work a lot, I am new to the serie and finished Fate/Stay night again a couple of days ago, still have the last route to go though. I was really happy when I found this. :)

  8. I think it's great that you're even taking the time to keep the readers posted on your progress, which is already a lot more than most other people do, and for that, you have my thanks.

  9. I really appreciate you taking initiative to translate this project. I can speak for the others when I say we want to thank you for your efforts and hope you are encouraged by our words. Thanks for your hard work!

  10. I love you.

    Straight up Sakura love right here. And I mean that in the craziest way possible.