Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Update #5

Well, after wrestling pretty hard with that long scene about Issei and Mitsuzuri's possible dating, I've given up trying to finish it in one go. Instead I've been jumping from scene to scene, translating whatever my mouse pointer lands on first. This keeps me from burning out. I'm waiting to get some more transalted so that I can send a decent-sized batch to delta for editing and inserting. I'll see if I can get some new screenshots.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekly Update #4

Well, this scene involving Mitsuzuri and Ryudou's possible relationship is taking way longer than I thought it would. Even after spending few hours on it I'm only halfway through. Unfortunately last week I could not translate at all: school threw a lot more work at me than I expected. I have been more steadily translating now that I'm enjoying my spring break, however. Also I ordered a new laptop which should be more portable than the one I currently have. This should help in translating on the go when I have some free time between classes and whatnot.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekly Update #3

Well, since some people would like to know the percentage, I will post some numbers.
Here are the file sizes regarding the translation, but please bear in mind that they are a very rough estimate since there are many coding and not actual script included in the file sizes.
Currently I have completely translated 1.36mb. There is 368kb being translated right now with 3.13mb to go. I cannot gauge my weekly progress, but the last batch I sent to delta measured in at 313kb, majority of which I worked on throughout last week, and I hope to get another batch of everything that's being currently translated to him before the weekend is over. It's a bit of a farfetched goal, however. I have to say that my hopes and confidence get higher the more I translate.
Next week is the week before spring break for me, which means I have at least two tests, so there might not be too much translation work done next week, but I'll devote a lot of time to translating once the week of spring break comes.

The scene that I am working on right now as I type this post involves Emiya's visit to a track and field team's meeting. I gotta say that I didn't find this scene too interesting when I played through the game initially. I am almost done with the scene, but nothing significant or funny has happened yet.
Next I'm going to tackle my largest scene yet involving Emiya and track and field Trio (Makidera, Yukika and Himuro)'s speculation of possible romance between Issei and Ayako. I've gotten some headyway into it, and it seems like a promising scene in terms of comedic content and character development.