Monday, October 26, 2009


Sorry, guys, but I don't think I can update for about a month. I am entering the final stretch of this academic semester, and the workload is overbearing.

But do not worry, I'll be back with a fresh plan of attack to get this project done.


  1. First comment!.
    ... but I'm quite sad. =x

    -> But I'll wait for plan. Yeah, wait.

  2. Nice to hear from you! Little updates like this one make my day, since I always feel like an idiot for checking your blog once or twice daily for signs of life.

    Good luck on the rest of the semester!

  3. Good luck in your exams. I'll light up a candel for you!!

  4. Nah - all good.
    You take your time on the exams and studies (I know I need to take my time with mine...)

  5. No biggie. I'm down to the last month of studies as well, so I understand your predicament. Thanks for the heads up, look forward to your return.

  6. Thanks for telling us about this, at least now we know how long you're gone, instead of sitting down and twiddling our thumbs waiting for your next post xD.

    Good luck for your studies, and hope to hear from you later on!

  7. Thanks for the warning in advance.

    Good luck with everything!

  8. Just got curious here. How far are you with the translation? 50%? 70%? I'm starting to lose hope in this english patch thing.

  9. He can't really give a percentage mark at the moment from what we can tell as he's not translating it in a linear fashion, just doing scenes he finds interesting before moving on.

  10. @Nurfedui: This translation project already has one of the best progress updates for alot of projects I have followed. He's said monthly updates and he has kept his promise. That's more than I can say for the Sono Hanabira or the former game-patch Shuffle! project *shudder*. Now that was a REAL troll.

  11. Oh ok. I just hope he's far with the translation. I'm just a bit ticked cuz Type-Moon made a sequel and not bother making an english patch for it. Goodluck with school then. Hope its done by Christmas, it'll be the best Christmas gift I'd get.

  12. You can't really compare this to game-patch's Shuffle (Which I personally think they sold out on, if they translated it at all) and Sono Hanabira probably was fake to begin with. Both of those popped up at some point saying that the translation was "complete" and that they were just editing. The very fact that there are updates is very reassuring. Though I will say a rough KB estimate would be appreciated, ie KB TLed to KB total, or somesuch. 1%? 10%, 50%, 90%? I just want an estimate. Much appreciated, keep it up!

  13. Hope you dont decide to abandon this project because of school,,, or else many people will get sad especially me ^^ but i hope you dont fail school also because of this! XD Good luck and Godbless with everything!

  14. I'm trying to get some collaboration going on the translation, and fix some technical issues in the meantime.


    You can see the translation interface here (along with status, etc.):

    A few people besides me contributed a few lines, so I'm guessing it works well enough (there are still a few bugs to work out).

    Would be better to merge the efforts, though.

  15. @ranmafan: Theres an english translation for the prolouge only. Its not much but it should save you some time.

    Just do a proof-reading for it to make sure.

  16. Yep, that's Blue Gunner's translation, saw it on the forums.

    There's actually a fair amount of content floating around like that. I suppose posting translation on a forum more or less implies permission to use it, but I want to at least make an effort to contact authors first.

    I've sent out PM's to everybody I could find...

  17. @ranmafan: Well, you can try emailing amukunau. Ima just reply here cuz I don't have an account there.

    Well, I hope he replies. He's using the same email to be contacted by dalta. Lemme just get this straight. Your method would be piecing everyone's work which would then be a rough draft then just do some proof-readings to make it better?

  18. @Nurfedui:

    Thanks, will email. Btw, try not to post emails unobscured like this - it's just asking to get picked up by spambots...

    And yes, that's the essence of the idea. The biggest difference is that I want to make it as easy as possible to contribute.

  19. Oh sorry :D Well, good luck with it. If you need help theres plenty to go around, specially proof-readers. Just post here or something. Hope you finish early. Please? :D

  20. Hmm.. just one thing i worried about - is the method of translating. Translate random pieces of text is not a good idea, because there may be some mismatches between them in final results... of course it's irrelevant if you're know the whole game very well.

    Okay we just waiting...
    Hope this is not new "Duke Nukem Forever".


  21. @Алексей:

    It's not quite random - the strings appear pretty much in the same order as they do in the game files. Either way, that'll be taken care of once the rough draft is done.

    Also, "Saber" is officially セイバー :)

    (Все под контролем, сейчас главная задача - получить более-менее рабочий перевод. Допилить перевод намного проще, чем его создать :)

    Anyways, sorry for hijacking this thread. Please follow the MM forum thread if you want to discuss it.

  22. What translator do you guys use? I'm using Atlas v14 and it kinda sux.

  23. @Nurfedui:

    I use AGTH+Wakan when playing, but frankly, they all suck, even at just producing correct furigana.

    To make things worse, there's plenty of slang, words spelled out in katakana, intentionally missing sounds, etc.

  24. Look fuckhead, either work on it or don't but don't keep posting shit saying "Oh shit guyz, i'm so close to getting shit done you wouldn't believe it!!!! Pls love me moar..."

    Just drop the project so another group can pick it up, stop trolling the community

  25. Hey when someone's working on something for everyone else to use the pressure is bad enough.It's good enough that he even wants to do it.Good luck for your Exams and I'm excited to see your new plan on the Translation.

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  26. @paulosergio96
    If you havn't noticed, no-one is willing to translate the full game, and so amukunau is kind enough to help translate the game bit-by-bit, so instead of being a complete dickhead, either grow up and show some respect, or don't comment at all and GTFO.

  27. @paulosergio96
    Mate - cool down.
    Yes, we are all wishing to get translated this sooner than later. But the fact is, the only person willing to translate it HERE is busy with school, something I can (and I'm sure many others) relate with.
    If you can't wait, try helping ranmafan at MM (like I am with the photoshopping at the moment). Venting your anger like that in a public area doesn't speed things up, and it certainly doesn't do you any good.

    @Amukunau - I'm a full blood Korean; fluent English speaker and limited Japanese vocab knowledge. I know YOU are translating from Korean to English, which I can definately help with. Photoshop helping ranmafan at the moment, but me and my little Japanese is getting me through VERY slowly. I wish to be more productive to this world-wide cause! Allow me to join you!!!

  28. Well, I'm waiting for a post of Amukunau.
    Really, I want a answer of him =)

    btw - please give us a "light" =)