Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekly Update #11

Sorry for the lack of updates last week.

I've been working fairly constantly on the scenes mentioned in my previous post, but it doesn't feel like I've made too much progress on any of them. I somewhat blame the "fluffy" nature of the scenes (by fluffy I mean that they have a lot of character interaction without much development, in both story or character personality.)

I also maybe sholud change the weekly updates to be bi-monthly, as that's what I seem to be doing. I would like to update more frequently, but I fear my posts will get boring, as I can't discuss too much of the scenes I'm translating without them being spoilers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekly Update #10

Summer vacation has started for me, and although it's been less than two weeks now, it feels like two months, and a lot has happened in this short, yet long period of time for me.

Anyway, during the time I've been chipping away at a few scenes, two of which are very story-relevant and hefty in size. It's interesting that they happen to be one of the introductory and one of the ending scenes, and both concern Bazette heavily. I suppose there really isn't too much to write about these scenes without giving away tons of spoilers.

More updates soon, hopefully, and with more interesting content... hopefully.